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    "The Northern Goshawk: the Gray Ghost”

    Thursday, Oct 13

    Join us for Scott Rashid's presentation on the species and his rehabilitation of injured Northern Goshawks. Scott's presentation will outline his third book, "The Northern Goshawk: the Gray Ghost"

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Bird-a-thon Final Tally

By Bill Miller

It’s Over! Finished! Completed! Yeah! The last pledge from the Birdathon was received and deposited, and species lists have been compared. Irene Fortune’s team of four had the highest species count of 135 species; and Nick Komar’s team of six had the highest number of unique species (species seen by just one team).

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to meet with Lauren DeRosa, owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Fort Collins until the afternoon of the September program meeting. At that time I indicated to her the FCAS was contributing $200 toward the 10 prizes to be presented to the 10 members of the two teams that took first place in the two categories of competition. Without even blinking, Lauren uped the ante’ by another $200. That means that the 10 gift certificates to be issued by Wild Birds Unlimited will each be valued at $40. The gift certificates are redeemable at any Wild BirdsUnlimited store across the country. The gift certificates will be distributed to the 10 team members at the October program meeting or mailed to them if they do not reside in Fort Collins.

The Birdathon was an exciting event this year. We had seven teams, 82 donors, a total of 88 donations ranging from $8.40 to $500, and observed 222 separate species, 50 of which were unique. We got the Birdathon up on our website so teams could register and donations could be made through PayPal. But the greatest accomplishment is that FCAS grossed $5,273.46, which will go a long way toward continuing our programs.

The FCAS Board wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the team members and donors who made the 2016 Birdathon a huge success.

President's Corner

Top Priorities

by John Shenot

On October 6, the FCAS Board will hold its annual strategic planning session. This is the time when we review the status of our organization, check whether we are meeting our goals, and identify priorities for the coming year. I wanted to take this opportunity to report to you, the membership, on some of the issues the Board will be discussing. I also invite your feedback—the sooner the better—on any topic or issue that you think should be a high priority for FCAS in 2017.

Last year the Board identified six strategic priorities for FCAS in 2016. I’m pleased to be able to report some success on most of those priorities. To begin with, we placed our highest priority in 2016 on fundraising, with the hope that we could avoid raising membership dues. And thanks to our hugely successful Birdathon in May, we exceeded my expectations. We are now in very solid shape financially and I expect (though the Board has yet to decide) that we won’t need to raise our dues for at least another year.

The results are a little mixed on other priority items. We have been able to sustain our membership levels and recruit a few new leaders to the FCAS Board, committees, and volunteer positions. However, we are still eager to boost membership and still looking for new Board and committee members going into 2017. (Let me know if you are interested!) We’ve also made significant improvements to the FCAS website, but haven’t yet completed the top-to-bottom review the Board had envisioned.

That’s still a work in progress. We’ve made progress in our quest to earn an —important bird area— designation for the Cache la Poudre Urban River Corridor, but we haven’t quite finished the job. I’m hopeful that we will cross the finish line before the end of 2016, but this priority might carry over into 2017. And finally, we’ve only just begun to discuss —legacy projects— that will benefit the public at large, while at the same time raising awareness and appreciation of FCAS.

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