Correction to Rawhide Power Plant Christmas Bird Count

The Rawhide Power Plant Christmas Bird Count has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 30, 2017. Please disregard the December 31 date shown in our newsletter. All potential participants should contact the coordinator, Doug Kibbe (303-910-9476 or, ASAP to preregister or ask questions. Because the property has restricted access, Doug has to submit the list of participants the week before the count. More information here.

The New, The Noteworthy & Upcoming Events

  • FCAS December Potluck and Member Slideshow

    FCAS December Potluck and Member Slideshow

    Thursday, December 14, 2017

    Researcher Eric Bergman will briefly outline the history of moose in Colorado. Learn more here.

  • photo gallery

    Photo Gallery

    The photo gallery needs your bird pictures! Please submit your favorite photos for inclusion. Find out more here.

  • logo'd apparel

    FCAS Apparel

    Don't venture out on another fieldtrip without one of our shirts, caps or other items with our beautiful ptarmigans logo on them. Find out more here.

  • FCAS Welcomes New and Renewing Members

    • Connie Marvel
    • Lori Nixon
    • David Otis
    • Thad Pawlikowski
    • Margaret Reek

    Thank you for your membership! Your support makes our programs and conservation efforts possible and helps us achieve our mission of connecting people to the natural world.

    FCAS welcomes new National Audubon Society members by sending one complimentary copy of our newsletter. Join us at our monthly programs on the second Thursday of the month. National dues do not cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter, so if youíd like to keep receiving the Ptarmigan, please support your local chapter and subscribe.

President's Corner

Board Members Explained

by John Shenot

According to our current bylaws, the Board is supposed to agree on a proposed annual budget at our December meeting each year, and announce the proposed budget to the membership in our December newsletter. The tricky part is that the deadline for getting articles in our December newsletter is in mid-November. We might need to amend our bylaws someday, but for this December, Iím just going to provide an overview of the budget as it was presented to the Board in November by our Treasurer, and assure everyone that the complete budget will be available to any member upon request after the December Board meeting.

FCAS is a very small nonprofit organization run by volunteers. Our annual expenditures in recent years have been less than $12,000. Our annual revenues have roughly equaled expenses, allowing us to maintain a steady level of reserves without raising membership dues. The charts with this article show the anticipated expenses and revenues presented in the Treasurerís draft budget.

The Board is interested in having a third party audit our finances, just to make sure our accounting practices are reasonable. If any member has the requisite skills and would be willing to do a pro bono audit of FCAS, please contact a Board member.

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FCAS has a Facebook page where we post announcements about upcoming field trips, last minute changes to scheduled trips, and high-lights of most of our outings. Just click on the ďLike" button in the plugin to Like our page! Our announcements should then appear on your wall. You can also click on "Fort Collins Audubon Society" to be taken directly to the Facebook page. Note: All field trips are also announced in the Ptarmigan and on our website.

Fort Collins Audubon Society

Serving Larimer County, Colorado, and Surrounding Areas.

The Fort Collins Audubon Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to nature appreciation, environmental education, and conservation activities.

FCAS Mission Statement

  • To promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife, through education, participation, stewardship, and advocacy.