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  • FCAS February 2019 presentation A Gem in Our Own Backyard: The Baird's Sparrow at Soapstone Prairie

    "A Gem in Our Own Backyard: The Baird's Sparrow at Soapstone Prairie"

    Thursday, March 14th, 2019

    Join us for Bird Conservancy of the Rockies' Erin Youngberg's presentation on Baird's Sparrow, recently discovered to be nesting in Colorado. Learn more here.

  • photo gallery

    Photo Gallery

    The photo gallery needs your bird pictures! Please submit your favorite photos for inclusion. Find out more here.

  • logo'd apparel

    FCAS Apparel

    Don't venture out on another fieldtrip without one of our shirts, caps or other items with our beautiful ptarmigans logo on them. Find out more here.

  • FCAS Welcomes New and Renewing Members

    • Dorothy L. Adel
    • Susan Barbour
    • Fredrick Barry
    • Denise & Mark Bretting
    • Sirena Brownlee
    • Anne & Tom Butler
    • Barbara Case
    • George Chimonas
    • Morris Clark
    • Constance K. Daley
    • Susan Degutz
    • Larry DeMers
    • Beth Dillon
    • Georgia Doyle
    • Kim Dunlap
    • Danny Feig-Sandoval
    • Carole Ferrand
    • Ruth Grant
    • Larry Griffin
    • Linda O’Brien
    • Melannie Hartman
    • Jane Hawk
    • Pat & Joel Hayward
    • Clifford Hendrick
    • Janet Holley
    • Joel Hurmence
    • Cynthia Jacobson
    • Barbara A. Jones
    • Carol Jones
    • Monique Jorgensen

    • Jonathan & Janice Kershner
    • Loretta & Dean Klingenberg
    • Diane Kristoff
    • Dave Landers
    • Lark Latch
    • Debra K. McGuinn
    • Michelle McKim
    • William & Sue Miller
    • Jim Nachel
    • Linda O’Brien
    • Robert & Pamela Parish 
    • Jerry Partin 
    • Thad & Willa Pawlikowski 
    • Phil Phelan 
    • Chris & Joe Polazzi 
    • Timothy J. Priehs 
    • Judith Putnam 
    • Rader & Ted Huston 
    • Margret Reek 
    • Rich Roberts 
    • Gary Robinson 
    • Amy Tamlin 
    • Daniel Teska 
    • GeoHank Thode 
    • Dave Wade 
    • Kay Ward 
    • Daniel & Sheila Webber 
    • Robin Welsh 
    • Walter Wehtje 
    • Bob Willhour 

    Thank you for your membership! Your support makes our programs and conservation efforts possible and helps us achieve our mission of connecting people to the natural world.

    FCAS welcomes new National Audubon Society members by sending one complimentary copy of our newsletter. Join us at our monthly programs on the second Thursday of the month. National dues do not cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter, so if you’d like to keep receiving the Ptarmigan, please support your local chapter and subscribe.

  • Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation

    Trying to help a sick or injured bird? These resources are ready to help!

President's Corner

Summary of Annual Meeting

by John Shenot

At the FCAS annual meeting on January 10, the membership elected a slate of officers and directors-at-large. Following our bylaws, the president is elected to a two-year term and all others to one-year terms. Following my election, and with the approval of the newly elected Board of Directors, I appointed several people to chair some of our standing committees. I’m delighted that the volunteers listed below will join me in leading FCAS throughout 2019.

Please contact me or the listed chairperson if you would like to serve on one of our committees:

  • President, John Shenot;
  • President-elect, vacant;
  • Vice President, Liz Pruessner;
  • Treasurer, Joe Polazzi;
  • Secretary, Lori Pivonka;
  • At-large Directors, Scott Cobble, Alan Godwin, Ron Harden, Bill Miller, Harry Rose, Sheila Webber;
  • Conservation Chair, Bill Miller;
  • Membership Chair, Harry Rose;
  • Education Chair, Barb Patterson;
  • Finance Chair, Joe Polazzi;
  • Program Chair, Jessie Meschievitz;
  • Field Trip Chair, Sirena Brownlee;
  • Publications Chair, vacant;
  • Public Relations Chair, vacant;
  • Hospitality Chair, Chandriee Davis;
  • Audubon Colorado Council Delegate, Bill Miller;
  • and Volunteer Coordinator, Barb Patterson.

Find FCAS on Facebook for Field Trip Information

FCAS has a Facebook page where we post announcements about upcoming field trips, last minute changes to scheduled trips, and high-lights of most of our outings. Just click on the “Like" button in the plugin to Like our page! Our announcements should then appear on your wall. You can also click on "Fort Collins Audubon Society" to be taken directly to the Facebook page. Note: All field trips are also announced in the Ptarmigan and on our website.

Upcoming FCAS Education Events

The mission of FCAS is to promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems. Foremost, in that mission, is education. The educational events that we par-ticipate in throughout the year cannot take place without the time and expertise of the chapter members. Please consider volunteering for these winter/spring events:

Project FeederWatch at the Habitat Hero Garden at the Senior Center.

Time commitment: 1/2–1-hour count of feeders for two consecutive days weekly from January to April 5. Training provided.

Wildlife camera monitoring at the Senior Center.

Time commitment: twice a month, training provided.

Two FCAS guided bird hikes at the Senior Center and Rolland Moore Park.

Time commitment: May 8 and May 29 from 9–11 a.m. There are two beginning birding classes scheduled on May 15 and May 22.

Summer events

This summer we plan to participate in three community festivals, lead three workshop/hikes at Lory State Park, do a presentation for the Sierra Club, and teach fifth graders at the Montessori School. Stay tuned for more birding!

Fort Collins Audubon Society

Serving Larimer County, Colorado, and Surrounding Areas.

The Fort Collins Audubon Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to nature appreciation, environmental education, and conservation activities.

FCAS Mission Statement

  • To promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife, through education, participation, stewardship, and advocacy.