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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Board of Directors Meeting

February 7, 2008

ATTENDEES: Heman Adams, Scott Cobble, Eric DeFonso, Ruth Grant, Ron Harden, Joel Hurmence, Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, John Waddell.


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

The Board introduced themselves to the candidates.

MINUTES – Review, revise, and approve – All:
There were no minutes to approve.

New for all: Please Bring Written Reports or Email Reports in Advance


Treasurer’s Report – Waddell:
1. $19,918.27 is the Balance on February 6, 2008.
2. Heman gave a donation.


A. Programs – Meschievitz:
1. February 14th, Dr. Gigi Richard – “Colorado’s last free flowing river: The Yampa.”
2. March 13th, Co-meeting with the Native Plant Society. David Leatherman,
“Colorado Bark Beetle Interactions with Their Host Trees & Birds.”
3. Recommended speaker for April meeting – Bruce Barcott, author of “The Last Flight
of the Scarlet Macaw – One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird.”

B. Membership – Tupper:
1. 633 NAS members.
2. 99 FCAS members.
3. 41 comp members.
4. 773 total members.
5. 29 new NAS members this month
6. 1 new FCAS member.

C. Finance – Adams:
1. No discussion.

D. Education – Thomas:
1. Karl Krahnke has volunteered to join the Education Committee along with
Joann and Bob Babbs.
2. Kevin Cook’s classes have been will attended.
3. Bath Nursery hosted their Avian Appreciation Days on January 26th. Bill Miller,
Deb and Greg Holman, Chris Andre, and Marsha & Ron Maeda helped out.
4. FCAS is partnering with the High Plains Environmental Center in Loveland in
hosting bird walks from 8:00 A.M to 9:00 A.M. on the fourth Thursday of every
month beginning February 28th.

E. Conservation – Miller:
1. Bill is still working on the Brinks pipeline issue.
2. Bill will receive an email on where to send the letter of protest.

F. Field Trips – DeFonso:
1. Had 11 participants for the weather walk on Groundhog day.
2. Eric is interested in doing background work on an out of state bird trip.

G. Newsletter – Martin:
1. Joel has been handling the newsletter while Joe has been away.
2. Lynne’s Procession of River species report was presented at the meeting as an

H. Birdathon planning – Adams:
1. Heman is looking for help and will speak with Phil about planning.
2. Heman would like to separate the participation from the donation aspect.
3. Try to get more teams.
4. Identify the teams so that folks can determine who they want to donate to.


A. Plans for Scholarships 2008 – any changes? – All:
1. Ron believes the outreach should be only through educational organizations.
2. Ruth is concerned we are not getting enough interest in the scholarships.
3. Ruth will glad to work with Lisa Evans. Ruth thinks FCAS would reach a larger
audience if we worked through classroom teachers.

B. Approval of 2008 budget – All:
1. Net on Glick program: $210.00
2. Cost of mailing labels decreased because we are now emailing the newsletter to many.
3. John moved to accept the 2008 budget as submitted. Heman seconded. The motion
passed unanimously.

C. Tally votes – Donation to DCOW to feed the deer in Gunnison County – All:
1. Failed based on email response.


A. Response so far to online/telephone survey of membership – Krahnke/Tupper:
1. The online/telephone survey will continue until the end of the month. 10% response.
2. Lisa Evans will continue with the Scholarship Program.

B. Pick date for Garden Tour – All:
1. No discussion.

C. Support Brinks and other landowners re. Greeley pipeline – All:
1. Bill is working on this.

D. Update on IMDB activities (for Emily Molter, grant money) – Thomas:
1. No discussion.

E. Offer Costa Rica Trip with Centennial Canoe? Fall 2008? Spring 2009? – All:
1 .Joel did not get enough feedback from the Board but Centennial FCAS could set
it up as desired. All we have to do is publicize it. $2100.00 for 9 days.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.


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