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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Annual Meeting

January 14, 2010



BOARD ATTENDEES: Heman Adams, Pat Adams, Scott Cobble,
Eric DeFonso, Ruth Grant, Ron Harden, Lynne Hull, Joel Hurmence, Karl Krahnke,
Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, Liz Pruessner, John Waddell.

A. President Karl Krahnke:
Indicated that several Board members had announcements, that the annual
elections would occur and that the Program meeting would begin after the
Business meeting concluded.

B. Liz Pruessner Membership Chairperson:
Indicated to attendees that FCAS, as a cost saving effort, was requesting people
receive their Ptarmigan by email rather than by Postal mail.

C. Joann Thomas Education Chairperson:
  1. Joann stressed that people should be joining Fort Collins Audubon Society.
  2. River Watch will be a new education effort.
  3. There are volunteer opportunities available. For instance at the upcoming Bath
Nursery's Avian Appreciation Days

D. Eric DeFonso Field Trip Coordinator:
  1. Eric presented a brief summary of the Fort Collins and the Loveland Christmas
Bird Counts.
  2. The Fort Collins CBC produced 87 species.
  3. The Loveland CBC produced 94 species.

E. Ron Harden Director-at-Large:
Ron indicated that people can purchase garments with the Ptarmigan logo on them.
He presented some clothing containing the logo.

F. Bill Miller Nominating Committee Member:
  1. Bill announced that the September 2010 through May 2011 FCAS Program
meetings and the annual December Potluck Dinner will be held at the Fort
Collins Senior Center.
  2. Bill discussed the Birdathon then passed around a participation/pledge
sign- up sheet.
  3. Bill announced the slate of candidates (listed in the January 2010 Ptarmigan).

      Officers: Directors:
        Pres. Karl Krahnke Heman Adams
        Vice-Pres Bill Miller Eric DeFonso
        President-elect Bill Miller Ruth Grant
        Secretary Scott Cobble Ron Harden
        Treasurer John Waddell Louise Parker
        Liz Pruessner

     Appointed Positions:
        Conservation Bill Miller Publications Carol Jones
        Education Joann Thomas Hospitality Pat Adams
        Field Trips Eric DeFonso Birdathon
        Public Relations Pat Hayward AC Delegate Bill Miller
        Finance Heman Adams Scholarships Lisa Evans
        Membership Liz Pruessner Web Site Joel Hurmence
        Programs Jessie Meschievitz Vol. Coordinator Ashley Waddell
       Email List Serv Kaye Holman

He then asked for nominees from the audience. There were no nominees. Bill
then moved to accept the slate of candidates by acclimation. The motion was
unanimously approved by the FCAS members in attendance.

G. Jessie Meschievitz Membership Chairperson:
  1. Jessie announced that the February 11, 2010 Program meeting would be the
annual joint meeting with the Northern Colorado Native Plant Society featuring
Whitney Cranshaw and Douglas Kibbe. Jessie also announced a few other up-
coming programs.
  2. Jessie indicated that FCAS was adopting a Takhi foal and was also donating to
the Hustai National Park. Jessie pointed out there was material available in the
meeting room if audience members also wanted to donate to the Park
  3. Jessie introduced Rick Harness.

Rick Harness presented his program, Wild Horses and Raptors of the Mongolian
Steppe. An announcement of the program can be found in the January 2010 edition of
the Ptarmigan.


NOTE: Jessie Meschievitz indicated 120 people attended the Annual Meeting and
Heman Adams indicated 50 of those were FCAS members.

Submitted by Scott Cobble




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