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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Board of Directors Meeting

March 4, 2010

ATTENDEES: Heman Adams, Scott Cobble, Eric DeFonso, Ruth Grant, Ron Harden,
Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, Louise Parker, Liz Pruessner, Joann Thomas, John Waddell.


CALL TO ORDER: Vice-President Bill Miller called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


MINUTES – Review, revise, and approve – All:
No minutes to approve.

No changes.

1. Eric will become the moderator of [FCAS_BOD].
2. Connie Kogler is stepping down as Loveland CBC Compiler.
3. Nick Komar is stepping down as Fort Collins CBC Compiler but is willing to become the
Loveland CBC Compiler.
4. Tom Hall will become the Fort Collins CBC Compiler.

New for all: Please Bring Written Reports or Email Reports in Advance


Treasurer’s Report – Waddell:
1. The checking account balance on March 4th, 2010 was $703.12.
2. The total balance was $12,152.21
. 3. Expenses include:
a) $116.02 to PostNet for processing the February Newsletter.
b) $96.65 to the US Postal Service for February newsletter postage .
c) $185.00 to the US Postal Service for an annual renewal of our bulk mailing
permit #184.
d) $186.00 to the US Postal Service for 600 pre-stamped Post Cards.
e) $865.00 to Print It for printing the February ($395.00) and March ($470.00)
f) $8.73 for Whitney Cranshaw’s speaker meal.
g) $148.50 to the Lincoln Center for room rental on Feb 11.
h) $25.00 for participation fee in the High Plains Landscape Workshop (Friends of
i) $70.00 to National Audubon Society for two memberships.
j) $15.90 to Qwest for phone service - Jan 16th to Feb 15th.
k) $61.60 to the US Postal Service for 140 Forever Stamps.
l) $185.00 to Audubon for the participation fee for 37 counters in the Fort Collins
Christmas Bird Count.
m) $269.99 to Best Buy for a television, Toshiba 19LV61OU LCD/DVD Combo.
4. Receipts include:
a) $2.00 for two checklists.
b) $10.00 for one Colorado Wildscapes.
c) $65.50 for 11 pocket guides.
d) $213.74 for 10 memberships.
e) $877.50 for donations from four individuals.
f) $5.00 donation for Mongolia Horse adoption.
5. Next CD maturation is March 6th, 2010, for $5,364.88.


A. Membership – Pruessner:
1. 283 E-Newsletters were distributed this month, an increase of eight from last month.
2. 648 USPS Newsletters distributed this month, an increase of three from last month.
3. A post card included with the March issue of the Ptarmigan enabled members to mail
in their preference for email or USPS newsletter. Joann pulled this project together.
4. Ashley suggested including a space on the online membership renewal form in Pay
Pal for members to make an additional donation to FCAS. Liz will discuss it with Joel.

B. Finance – Adams:
1. No discussion.

C. Education – Thomas
1. River Watch still pending a site.
2. February 25th – CSU Biology Club – The Program focused on the life of John
James Audubon, the history and mission of the National Audubon Society, the
current state of affairs on employment, analysis of job requirements posted, and a
Q&A session. Nine students attended.
3. February 27th – High Plains Landscape Workshop – It was a very successful exhibit
event. FCAS sold about $200.00 in merchandise, mostly bird guides. Many people
were interested in Audubon. Joann and Lynne Hull staffed the table, fielded questions,
and signed participants’ cards. People came from as far as Wyoming and Denver. A
definite show for next year. About 350 people, participants and exhibitors, attended.
4. Scheduled programs for March and April, 2010:
a) March 5th – Backyard Birds (slide show) – Pioneer Women.
b) March 6th – Putnam Science Carnival – Education Program.
c) April 26th – Backyard Birds (Slide Show) – PEO Women’s Organization.
5. Scheduled meetings:
a) March 17th – Second planning retreat for the Northern Colorado Birding Fair.
6. Liz will, and Ruth may be able to, volunteer for the Putnam Science Carnival.
7. Bill suggested we keep track of the volunteer time we put into FCAS efforts.
8. Heman suggested Scott tally the total time Board members put into Board meetings.

D. Conservation – Miller:
1. Bill signed FCAS up with a broad coalition of groups whose aim it is to pressure the
EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Council on Environmental Quality to keep
mining wastes out of rivers, lakes, and streams by changing the definition of “fill”

E. Field Trips – DeFonso:
1. Walter Szeliga, filling in for Ted Floyd, reported that not a single person showed up
at the designated meet spot for the Boulder-area trip.
2. Eric cancelled the montane owling trip, scheduled for February 21st, due to treacherous
road conditions. He rescheduled the trip for Saturday, March 6th. Most everyone who
signed up for the February trip was still on board.
3. Eric agreed to lead a Pawnee Grasslands trip in September for the Raptor Research
Foundation’s annual meeting, this year to be held in Fort Collins.
4. Eric, on March 20th, will be leading a raptor trip.
5. Nick Komar, in April, will be leading a gull workshop.
6. Nancy Howard will be leading a beginner birding trip in late April.
7. FCAS landed a pair of grouse trips to be led by Jesse Brauch, a birder currently
working on a Sage Grouse research project in Western Colorado.

F. Newsletter – Jones:
1. No discussion.

G. Programs – Meschievitz:
1. Thursday, March11th: Scott Rashid, author and photographer, will be giving a
a presentation on his recently released book, Small Mountain Owls. Also, Douglas
Kibbe will dispense Colorado breeding bird atlas materials and will see if anyone
is interested in signing up as a Breeding Bird Atlas data collector.
2. Thursday, April 8th: Rob Palmar, Colorado photographer and grand prize winner
of “Nature’s Best Photographer” featured in the January/February Audubon magazine.
3. Thursday, April 29th: At the Loveland Museum, beginning at 7:15 P.M. Rich Harness,
Wild Horses and Raptors of Mongolia.
4. Thursday, May 13th: Brett Bruyere, Director of the CSU Environmental Learning
Center, will speak on research conducted during the past two years on engaging youth
and families in programs about nature. He will speak on how FCAS is doing their
part to address those barriers.
5. Thursday, September 9th: David Leatherman, Dragonflies and Damselfiles.
6. Potential Fall 2010 – Speakers.
a) October – Jon Stravers, Audubon’s Mississippi River Initiative Driftless
Coordinator. Jon has worked on inventory and monitoring projects involving
red-shouldered hawks and other birds.
b) November – Nathan Pieplow, sound recordist and expert birder, speaking on
bird sounds.

H. Volunteers – A. Waddell:
1. Ashley invited Board members to volunteer for the Putnam Science Carnival.


A. Birdathon – Miller:
1. Bill will miss the March Program Meeting so Heman will promote the Birdathon in
his absence.

B. Newsletter – Electronic vs Paper – All:
1. After much discussion Ruth suggested the Board reassess the newsletter issue
in a couple of months.

C. Membership Brochure Revisions – Thomas:
1. Bill asked the Board to come up with some benefits of belonging to FCAS.
2. New fee structure in development.
3. Ron and Heman suggested stating in the brochure what types of volunteer
opportunities are available.
4. Bill suggested the newsletter committee could evolve into a membership committee.

D. Insurance – Grouse Trips and Van Rentals – DeFonso, All:
1. Ron indicated that FCAS is covered if a vehicle is rented.

E. Monitor Purchase – Harden, DeFonso:
1. Ron suggested running the American Bird Conservancy video: Trap, Neuter, and Release:
Bad for Cats, Disaster for Birds, at meetings and having brochures available.

F. Retreat Follow-up –All:
1. Tabled.

G. Audubon of Colorado Public Policy Committee – Legislative Issues – Harden:
1. In regards to SB98:
a) In order not to compete with other funding needs of the state, the people have voted
three times (1976, 1980, 1992) to create a separate revenue base for parks, recreation,
and open space.
b) Lottery was created to address an either/or dilemma that might arise from another
entity requiring a funding source.
c) Other possible sources of money exist for weed control such as soil conservation
d. Bill and Ron have a meeting scheduled with Randy Fisher on Saturday, March 5th.

H. Feral Cat Issue – Harden:
1. Ron handed out a draft policy position paper on the feral cat issue. The Board will vote on
it at the April Board meeting.

I. River Watch – Thomas:
1. In April, Joann will go to Denver to see if she can resolve the River Watch location.

J. Mongolian Horse Adoption – Loveland – Miller:
1. FCAS will solicit additional donations at the Loveland meeting.

K Fossil Creek Reservoir NA Adoption – Miller:
1. No new developments.


A. Fundraising Opportunities – Grant:
1. No discussion.

B. Canoe Trip – Thomas:
1. Joann suggests the trip be August 20th – 22nd. The theme will be birds.
2. The trip will be on the Gunnison River using canoes not kayaks.

C. Beginning Birding Class – Thomas, Miller, DeFonso:
1. Kevin Cook will be doing beginning birding classes in April and May.
2. FCAS birding classes will have a field trip component.
3. John suggested a Fall waterfowling class.

D. Ptarmigan Editorial Committee – Miller:
1. The Ptarmigan cannot be standardized due to last minute additions.
2. Ask Carol for her input on the Ptarmigan.

E. Publicity Chair Vacancy – Miller:
1. Approach Carol to format publicity flyers.

1. Ruth saw a Vermillion Flycatcher while in Arizona.
2. Jessie will contact the CFO to let them know that FCAS is willing to offer assistance during
their convention.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Submitted by Scott Cobble




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