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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Board of Directors Meeting

May 6, 2010

Heman Adams, Scott Cobble, Eric DeFonso, Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, Liz Pruessner,
Joann Thomas, John Waddell.


Vice-President Bill Miller called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


1. Use a four-page format.
2. Accomplishments Card – use bullets.
a. Conservation efforts and accomplishments.
b. Environmental education and accomplishments.
c. Birding services to the community.
3. Donor card - allow members to opt out of future solicitations.
4. Use hand-addressed return envelopes.
5. Continuously track chapter accomplishments.
6. Include numbers in fund raising letter such as:
a. Number of volunteers, volunteer hours, and volunteer miles.
b. Equivalent monetary value of hours and miles.
7. Send using first-class stamps.
8. Begin the process six to eight weeks prior to the mailing date.
9. Incentives:
a. Identify donors whose donations can be used as matching monies.
b. Identify premiums for donors over a certain limit:
i. Trips
ii. Lodging
iii. Dinners

MINUTES – Review, revise, and approve – All:
The April 2010 minutes were accepted as written.





Treasurer’s Report – Waddell:
1. The checking account balance on May 3rd was $1,441.09.
2. The total balance was $9,011.45.
3. April 2010 expenses included:
a. $121.96 to PostNet for processing the April Newsletter.
b. $410.00 to Print It for printing the April newsletters.
c. $16.32 to Bisetti’s for Rob Palmer’s Meal.
d. $170.00 to Rob Palmer for mileage ($70.00) and honorarium ($100.00).
e. $148.50 to the Lincoln Center for room rental on April 8th.
f. $275.00 to National Audubon Society for 11 National memberships.
g. $15.90 to Qwest for phone service - March 16th to April 15th.
h. $932.00 to Alliance Membership Services for Liability Insurance Policy
4. April 2010 receipts included:
a. $20.00 for two Colorado Wildscapes.
b. $107.40 for 18 pocket guides.
c. $406.85 for 20 memberships, 11 NAS and nine FCAS.
d. $161.00 for donations from seven individuals.
e. $0.41 from Wells Fargo for Interest on checking account.
5. Next CD maturation is September 11th, 2010 for $5,326.34.
6. FCAS Income Tax Return was filed electronically on March 27th, 2010.


A. Membership – Pruessner:
1. 380 e-newsletters in May 2010 compared to 167 e-newsletters in Nov. 2009.
2. 596 USPS newsletters in May 2010 compared to 754 USPS newsletters in Nov. 2009.
3. The postcard mailing was very successful. Members preferring the email version
continue contacting FCAS through the FCAS email account.
4. One challenge to keeping printed copies down is getting email addresses from new
national members. Every month FCAS gets new national members but very few
come with email addresses.
5. One project Liz will accomplish over the summer is to put together a process to
request the email address of new national members.

B. Finance – Adams:
1. Make a direct appeal to membership using a fundraising letter.
2. CD coming due in September of approximately $5,000.00 from which we could draw
funds for the direct appeal.

C. Education – Thomas
1. Joann will take over the gmail account for volunteers.
2. Julie of Centennial will promote the canoe trip at the May Program meeting.
3. April 23rd – Exhibited at CSU for the JAX film festival. New volunteer Brian Myers
and his wife Marlene helped.
4. April 23rd – Attended the meeting for the NCBF organization proceeding. There were
eight core participants.
5. April 28th – Presented the Backyard Birds slide show to the PEO women’s
organization. The program was well received even though there were projector
problems. About 25 women attended.
6. April 29th – The Bird program at Equalizer Pond for High Plains Environmental
Center was snowed out. No one but Joann came and the birds were plentiful.
7. April 29th – Exhibited at the Rialto in Loveland for the JAX film festival. Brian
Myres and his wife Marlene helped this evening also. About 150 people attended.
8. Scheduled future events:
a. May 27th – The Bird Program at Equalizer Pond for HPEC at 6:00 P.M.
b. June 5th/6th – Urban Gardening Festival – Gardens at Spring Creek. Joann’s
program will be Birds n Buds.

c. September 25th – Northern Colorado Birding Fair. Joann is on the steering
d. October 21st - Backyard Birds – Livewires – Mountain View Presb. Church in
9. Scheduled NCBF meetings:
5/19 9:00 – 11:30 @ Nix 6/16 9:00 – 11:30 @ Nix
7/14 9:00 – 11:30 @ Nix 8/11 9:00 – 11:30 @ Nix
8/25 9:00 – 11:30 @ Nix 9/08 9:00 – 11:30 @ Fossil Creek
9/22 9:00 – 11:30 @ Fossil Creek

D. Conservation – Miller:
No discussion.

E. Field Trips – DeFonso:
1. 20 people attended Nick Komar’s gull workshop.
2. Denise Bretting has been getting great turnout at her Bobcat Ridge Natural Area
Bird Surveys.
3. Nancy Howard postponed her Cottonwood Hollow field trip until May 16th due to
extreme wind.
4. The first Grouse field trip went well.

F. Newsletter – Jones:
1. Karl and Bill will discuss newsletter issues with Carol.

G. Programs – Meschievitz:
1. Thursday, April 29th, Loveland program attendance report: 23 people attended but
response to donating to the Foal Adoption program was very good. $87 was collected.
2. Thursday, May 13th:
a. Brett Bruyere, Director of the CSU Environmental Learning Center, will speak on
research conducted during the past two years on engaging youth and families in
programs about nature. He will speak on how FCAS is doing its part to address
those barriers.
b. Eric DeFonso will do a slide show presentation on Spring Migrants and Vagrants.
c. Julie, representing the August canoe trip outfitters, will give a short presentation.
3. Thursday, September 9th: David Leatherman, Dragonflies and Damselfiles.
4. Potential Fall 2010 – Speakers.

a. October – Jon Stravers, Audubon’s Mississippi River Initiative Driftless
Coordinator. Jon has worked on inventory and monitoring projects involving
red-shouldered hawks and other bird and the migration of raptors.
b. November – Nathan Pieplow, sound recordist and expert birder, speaking on
bird sounds.
5. Approximately $345.00 has been donated for Mongolia’s Hutsai National Park.

H. Volunteers – Miller, Thomas:
No discussion.


A. Birdathon – Miller:
1. Bill will pass the clipboard at the May Program meeting for people to sign up or
2. The location of the post-Birdathon get-together is Panhandlers Pizza.
3. Currently there are five teams.

B. Newsletter – Electronic vs Paper – All:
1. Make a pitch for the e-newsletter to those receiving the newsletter for the first time.
2. The trees graphic will appear later in the September newsletter.
3. Need to Delete NAS Membership.
a. Bundling of fees together is confusing and financially draining to FCAS.
b. Bill will generate a newsletter article for October with information describing the
financial realities of FCAS servicing NAS memberships.
c. Joann suggested handing out NAS brochures to hand to people.

C. Membership Brochure Revisions – Thomas:
1. Joann has been unable to work on the brochure because her computer crashed.
2. Need to delete NAS membership.

D. River Watch – Thomas:
1. Difficulty finding a site. Every site Joann has found is already taken.
2. Are there liability issues with the chemicals and kids?
3. There is a lack of volunteers.

E. Feral Cat Issue – Harden:
No discussion.

F. Audubon of Colorado Public Policy Committee – Legislative Issues – Harden:
No discussion.

G. Mongolian Horse Adoption – Loveland – Miller:
1. John will discuss with Rick Harness how to send the donations.

H. Fossil Creek Reservoir NA Adoption – Miller:
No discussion.

H. Retreat Follow-up – All:
No discussion.


A. Ptarmigan editorial committee – Krahnke, Miller:
1. Bill and Karl will be the committee.

B. Fund-raising Opportunities – Grant:
1. The canoe trip might be a fund-raising opportunity.

C. Canoe Trip – Thomas:
1. No one has signed up for the canoe trip.
2. The canoe trip was not mentioned in the Ptarmigan this year.
3. Bill suggested placing a flyer at Jax.
4. Bill suggested that in the future FCAS should start advertising the canoe trip in January.
5. A person from the canoe company will be at the May Program meeting to present a
video of, and to speak about, their canoe trips.

D. Beginning Birding Class – Thomas, Miller, DeFonso:
1. The Birding Class Committee will discuss this issue during the summer.

E. Other – All:
1. Consider a direct appeal fundraising letter. Hand address approximately 700 letters.

F. Web site – Hurmence:
No discussion.

G. Volunteer Time and Mileage Tracking – Miller:
1. Volunteer hours in support of a non-profit organization are valued at a rate of $20.25 per
2. Volunteer miles driven in support of a non-profit are valued at $0.315 per mile.
3. Heman asked Scott to tally Board members attendance at Board meetings.
4. It was decided to initially track Volunteer efforts, such as hours and mileage, from
September 2009 thru August 2010.

H. Colorado Non-Profit Workshops – Miller:
No discussion


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

Submitted by Scott Cobble




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