FCAS Presents

JJ Audubon

"The gay bunting erects his white crest, and gives utterance to the joy he feels in the presence of his brooding mate; the willow grouse on the rock crows his challenge aloud; each floweret, chilled by the night air, expands its pure petals; the gentle breeze shakes from the blades of grass the heavy dewdrops."

J. J. Audubon, engraved by H. B. Hall, based on a painting by Henry Inman. Engraving from The Life of John James Audubon, the Naturalist, edited by his widow. New York: G. P. Putnams' Sons, 1894.

Spring 2017 Fort Collins Audubon Society Fundraiser

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr.
Social Time: 7 p.m.; Program 7:20 p.m.

Help us with our October 12th silent auction and raise funds for FCAS projects. We are seeking new and/or gently used nature books, animal art work, bird plates and figurines, your own home crafted bird houses, anything you no longer need and think other nature lovers would enjoy and treasure. Wildlife related items donated by local businesses would also be appreciated.

We can accept donations anytime and will send you a letter thanking you for your contribution. Contact any member of the FCAS board or call or email.

Hildy Morgan
(970) 223-3493

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