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JJ Audubon

"The gay bunting erects his white crest, and gives utterance to the joy he feels in the presence of his brooding mate; the willow grouse on the rock crows his challenge aloud; each floweret, chilled by the night air, expands its pure petals; the gentle breeze shakes from the blades of grass the heavy dewdrops."

J. J. Audubon, engraved by H. B. Hall, based on a painting by Henry Inman. Engraving from The Life of John James Audubon, the Naturalist, edited by his widow. New York: G. P. Putnams' Sons, 1894.

"Kenya, Birds, and Life"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr.
Social Time: 7 p.m.; Program 7:20 p.m.

African Buffalo and cattle egret—photo by Barb Patterson

Barb Patterson, Faculty Member at Front Range Community College in the Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources Program, spent 18 days in Africa, birding, wildlife watching, and experiencing life in Kenya. She learned about conservation education and worked in a Samburu village, the Twala Women's cultural cooperative and two schools in Kenya making the trip even more rewarding. Each day was more exciting than the last as there were surprises under every tree and along every dusty rutted road. Equipped with binoculars, two field-guides, a journal and a copy of Richard Leakey’s book, “Wildlife Wars”, Barb will share with us her daily adventures and this highly educational experience.

Barb Patterson is a full-time faculty member at Front Range Community College in the Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources Program. Over the years she has taught everything from ornithology, wildlife, forestry, fire ecology and field research techniques including chain-saw safety and operation. She is always outside as the students learn practical skills and study at field sites in Red Feather Lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park, city natural areas and county open spaces. She taught a tropical ecology course in Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru and a wildlife ecology course in the Tetons, Moab, Cordova, Alaska and Rocky Mountain National Park. Her safari to Kenya was in conjunction with the Samburu Youth Education Fund with Brett Bruyere, Associate Professor, Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Colorado State University and Karen Canino, a local artist and who does community and cultural work in Kenya.

Join us! This program is free and the public is welcomed.