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"Sign Up for Your Local Christmas Bird Counts"

December 14th, 202021, through January 5, 2022

Christmas Bird Count

The 122nd Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) will take place from December 14 to January 5. Fort Collins has the longest continuous CBC in Colorado, beginning in 1947. The CBC is the longest running citizen science survey in the world, and it provides critical data on bird population trends. Tens of thousands of participants know that it is also a great way to make new friends and have fun! Volunteers are assigned in teams to cover designated areas within a 15-mile diameter circle, counting every bird they see or hear all day. Advanced birding skills are not required; beginners can be paired with more experienced birders. Volunteers who live within a count circle that just wish to record what comes to their backyard feeders also are welcome to participate; they should contact the CBC coordinator for details. To help bolster this year’s involvement, FCAS will not be hosting any December field trips. Instead, the following is information on the upcoming CBC locations and compliers. Happy Holidays and happy birding to all.

The following lists the location of the CBC, its date, and the person to contact to participate or for more information. Participate in as many counts as you wish!

  • Pawnee Grasslands: Complier Gary Lefko: coloradobirder@yahoo.com. Saturday, Dec. 18, Crow Valley; Sunday, Dec, 19, Nunn; Friday, Dec. 24, Stoneham; Friday, Dec. 31, Pawnee Buttes.
  • Fort Collins: Complier Thomas Hall: redbear44@msn.com. Saturday, Dec. 18.
  • Rawhide Energy Station: Complier Douglas Kibbe: dpkibbe@msn.com or 303-910-9476. Date to be announced, contact complier for information.
  • Loveland: Complier Denise Bretting: dbretting@swloveland.com. Saturday. Jan. 1.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: Complier Scott Rashid: pygmyowl@frii.com or 970-227-9425. Monday, Jan. 3.

Traveling for the holidays? Visit this link to find CBCs in your travel location. https://audubon.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=ac275eeb01434cedb1c5dcd0fd3fc7b4 End of Story Logo