FCAS Cleans Up

FCAS Clean Up Program

The Fort Collins Audubon Society participates in the City's Adopt A Natural Area Program. We have adopted the Fossil Creek Wetland as our natural area.

Fort Collins Audubon Society Fall Cleanup at Fossil Creek Wetland 1999

Fall Cleanup at Fossil Creek Wetland 1999

Located on Timberline between Trilby and County Road 32, Fossil Creek Wetland is an Important Bird Area. This 230-acre natural area in south Fort Collins has long been a birding hot spot. The wetlands support a wide variety of migrant and nesting shorebirds. The upland portion has a prairie dog colony, and several species of raptors are seen throughout the year. Coyotes, rabbits, and foxes also use the site. The wetland has a gradual shoreline that supports numerous migrant and resident birds. It's worth checking out almost any time of year. Now it is looking better and becoming safer for wildlife.

Cleanup will be an ongoing task at Fossil Creek Wetland, but other activities involved with adoption include:

  • growing native plants from seeds
  • planting native species
  • taking care of new plants
  • removing weeds
  • performing other enhancements as needed

Watch the Ptarmigan or check our calendar for the next scheduled cleanup day. Get your gloves, grab a shovel and join us! (And don't forget to bring your binoculars!)