Chapter Governance

Chapter Documents

On this page are the current Board Members, Board Meeting Minutes, and the Chapter Constitution.

Board Members

President: John Shenot

Vice-President: Liz Pruessner

Secretary: Scott Cobble

Treasurer: John Waddell

Past-President: Joann Thomas 970-482-7125

Diretors (elected)

Director: Barb Adams

Director: Alan Godwin

Director: Ron Harden

Director: Bill Miller

Director: Vacant

Director: Vacant

Standing Committees

Conservation: Vacant

Education: Vacant

Field Trips: John Shenot

Finance (Fundraising): John Waddell

Hospitality: Vacant

Membership: Liz Pruessner

Programs: Jessie Meschievitz

Publications (Ptarmigan): Carol Jones

Public Relations: Vacant

Special Committee Chairs & Others

ACC Delegate: Bill Miller

E-mail Service: Vacant

Fort Collins CBC: Tom Hall

Loveland CBC: Nick Komar

Scholarship: Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant

Board Meeting Minutes

There are no current minutes posted

Previous Minutes

Chapter Constitution

This document is listed in full here and is also available as a PDF

Chapter Links

  • Board Members

    Members serve for a year, and are listed on this page.

  • Board Meeting Minutes

    Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the Minutes Page

  • Chapter Constitution

    The Chapter's Constution can be found here.