How to Upload Images

Uploading starts October 1st and goes through November 15th. Click the Upload icon and navigate to the image you want to upload. It works best to upload one image at a time.

Maximum file size: 6MB
Maximum width: 2000px
Maximum height: 2000px
Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF

How to Resize Images
If you have images that are too large, you can go to these sites to learn how to quickly resize them.
Windows 10 or Mac

How To Vote

Voting starts November 16th and goes through November 30th. Click the star next to the image you want to vote for.

You may only vote once, and not for any images you have submitted.

You can change your vote. Click the image to go to full view. Then click the undo arrow by the star vote counter.

Please consider making a $10 donation for your first image uploaded, and $5 per each additional image. No charge to vote on your favorites!