Referendum Results

Dear FCAS Members,

Voting has closed on the Resolution expressing the need to rename the Fort Collins Audubon Society.


224 total votes

YES – I support the resolution: 155 votes (69.2%)
NO – I do not support the resolution: 69 votes (30.8%)

In keeping with our bylaws, because the Resolution was supported by more than two-thirds (66.7%) of those voting, the Resolution is adopted.

Next Steps

As a reminder, here is what the Resolution says we must now do:

“Chapter members authorize and direct the Board of Directors to determine, with input from members and others in our community, at least two potential new names for the organization that do not include the name Audubon and better reflect the geographic breadth of our chapter boundaries, present the potential new names to members at a future meeting, and then take all necessary and affirmative steps towards renaming and rebranding the organization based on an option that garners broad support from members.”

As a first step toward implementing the Resolution, FCAS will be forming an Ad Hoc Name Change Committee, as allowed under our bylaws. Additional details about this Committee will be announced at our November 9 program. We hope you will attend! Until then, here’s how you can help:

  • If you would like to be considered for a seat on the Name Change Committee or want to suggest another person you think would be a good fit for the Committee, please contact me ASAP. (At this point, I don’t know how many people will sit on the Committee or how many volunteers we will have, and thus I cannot guarantee anyone a position on the Committee.)

Thank you

I want to personally thank everyone who participated in this important referendum. The Board of Directors is very pleased that the necessary super-majority of those voting supported our recommendation, and we are excited to take the next steps. But we also want to be sure to acknowledge that positioning the organization for future success is not as simple as merely changing our name. We will also need to promote and support greater diversity in our membership and our leadership and ensure that the organization welcomes and is perceived as welcoming by all people in the communities we serve.


John Shenot
President, FCAS