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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Board of Directors Meeting

April 3, 2008

ATTENDEES: Heman Adams, Scott Cobble, Eric DeFonso, Ruth Grant, Ron Harden, Lynne Hull, Joel Hurmence, Diann Johnston, Karl Krahnke, Joe Martin, Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, Joann Thomas, Shelagh Tupper, John Waddell.


CALL TO ORDER: President Karl Krahnke called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


MINUTES – Review, revise, and approve – All:
There were no minutes to approve.

New for all: Please Bring Written Reports or Email Reports in Advance


Treasurer’s Report – Waddell:
1. Need to do an audit prior to May 1st. Heman and Shelagh volunteered.
2. Lynne indicated FCAS is not registered as a nonprofit with Fort Collins and
consequently is not getting a break on city taxes.


A. Programs – Meschievitz:
1. April 10th, we have the Columbine Rm. for the program meeting. Bruce Barcott
will sign the books that FCAS purchased and intends to sell.
2. Mark Easter will speak.
3. Jessie indicated the Ludlow room will not exist after the fall due to renovation.

B. Membership – Tupper:
1. 798 members.
2. 98 FCAS only members.
3. 657 National members.
4. 24 new members from NAS.
C. Finance – Adams:
1. Set up an internal audit.

D. Education – Thomas:
1. The Feb. and March 2nd Saturday Nature Walk with Bob Babbs discussing
birds and Mary Jean Currier discussing mammals respectfully were well received.
2. On April 12th, FCAS will host a booth at Putnam Science Carnival.

E. Conservation – Miller:
1. Presented the position FCAS will take regarding Glade to AoC.

F. Field Trips – DeFonso:
1. No discussion.

G. Newsletter – Martin:
1. Joel sees no need for a July newsletter so get everything into the June newsletter.

H. Birdathon – Adams:
1. Bill wondered if we should us a portion of Birdathon to help fund anti-glade efforts.
2. Further discussion of how we will support Safe the Poudre was tabled.
3. Will use the top team to determine the number of birds.

A. Raise mileage reimbursement rate for speakers? – Waddell:
1. Bill move to raise the rate to 48.7 cents per mile. John seconded. Passed unanimously.

B. What price to ask for Bruce Barcott books at the April program – Waddell:
1. $25.00.

C. Letter to FCAS from David Leatherman – Grant:
1. David sent FCAS a letter stating how much he enjoyed giving the presentation.

D. Need to identify additional qualifying camps/courses for FCAS scholarship – All:
1. An appeal to come up with ideas.


A. FCAS offering of Master Birding Classes and Issuing Certificates – Thomas:
1. Discussed earlier.

B. Support of Brinks and other landowners re. Greeley pipeline – All:
1. Tabled.

C. response to online/telephone survey of membership – Krahnke/Tupper:
1. Shelagh handed out a printout of the results. 115 responses, 79 from website.

1. Bill will let them know that we are a sponsor of the global warming bill.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.


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