Fort Collins Audubon Society Volunteer Opportunities

Fort Collins Audubon Society Volunteer Opportunities

The Fort Collins Audubon Society (FCAS) programs listed on this website are made possible by volunteers. There are a wide range of opportunities available; whatever your interests, skills, or talents, there’s something for you!

  • Community Events
  • Teaching in schools
  • Programs for environmental organizations
  • Field-trips
  • Bird-a-thon
  • Newsletter articles
  • Letter writing and advocacy

All events, dates, times and the specific details on how you can help are published in the Ptarmigan newsletter, posted on this website on the calendar, on the FCAS Facebook page and sign-up sheets are at the membership desk at each monthly program meeting. Wild Birds Unlimited also posts all our events

*We cannot notify you of a change or cancellation of an event due to weather if you do not RSVP or sign-up.

Please call or email Barbara Patterson, our Volunteer Coordinator at (970) 214-3888