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Fort Collins Audubon Society
Board of Directors Meeting

Nov 6, 2008

ATTENDEES: Heman Adams, Scott Cobble, Eric DeFonso, Ruth Grant, Ron Harden,
Lynne Hull, Joel Hurmence, Karl Krahnke, Jessie Meschievitz, Bill Miller, Joann Thomas, Shelagh Tupper, John Waddell.

OTHERS PRESENT: Candidates for 2009 Board. Kathleen Kilkelly does international
agricultural development. Kelly Kimple is an avian ecologist.

CALL TO ORDER: President Karl Krahnke called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

The Board introduced themselves to the candidates.

MINUTES – Review, revise, and approve – All:
There were no minutes to approve.

New for all: Please Bring Written Reports or Email Reports in Advance


Treasurer’s Report – Waddell:
1. Spent $160.00 for Fortnet services.
2. Invested $3000.00 in another CD.
3. Received an $1100.00 check from Centennial Canoe Outfitters.
4. Received a letter from the post office stating that mailings will now require a
standard address and zip+4.


A. Programs – Meschievitz:
1. Gary Graham will be the speaker for November.
2. December – Traditional potluck and member slideshow.
3. January 2009 – John Hawkins speaking on fish species of the upper Colorado
river basin.
4. Joint meeting with Native Plant Society March 2009. Dave Showalter encore?

B. Membership – Tupper:
1. Two national renewals through the chapter.
2. Two new members.
3. 812 members.
4. 678 national members.

C. Finance – Adams:
1. No discussion.

D. Education – Thomas:
1. The September Second Saturday walk was well attended with 15 people.
The October 3rd walk had only 3 people, probably due to rain.
2. The Northern Colorado Birding Fair was a success with about 500 people. Organizers
are targeting 750 people next year.
3. The family day at Discovery Center was attended by more than 300 people.
4. Both the 4th Thursday weather walks at the High Plains Environmental Center and the
4th Thursday bird observations at Equalizer Pond are being halted until February 2009.

E. Conservation – Miller:
1. Lynne Hull, Ron Harden, and Bill Miller attended a Global Warming Chapter
Leader Training on Friday, October 17th 2008.
2. National Audubon is placing a very large emphasis on taking a major lead role in the
issue of Climate Change / Global Warming / Climate Disruption. NAS wants its
members to get more involved.

F. Field Trips – DeFonso:
1. Conducted an October field trip covering lakes and reservoirs. Saw some Great-tailed
Grackles at Timnath Reservoir.

G. Newsletter – Martin:
1. There will be December and January newsletters.

A. Schedule fall FCAS Strategic Planning Session for 2009 Goals – Hurmence:
1. The annual Report is due to Audubon in December.
2. Aim to conduct the Planning Session at the Carriage House on the afternoon of Saturday,
November 15th.

A. Status from Nominating Committee – Grant:
1. Karl will be the FCAS President.
2. Lisa Evans will continue with the Scholarship Program.

B. Green Choice Stickers – Hull:
1. Lynn Handed out ten stickers to each Board member.
2. Place the stickers at locations where a choice of actions can be made.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 P.M.



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