Birdathon Challenge Rules

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  1. Donors are required to complete a pledge form. This may be the one circulated at FCAS program meetings or as found on our web site:Individual Donor Pledge Form or Pledge Form for use by Teams.
  2. ALL donors must provide a complete mailing address, telephone number, an email address if available as well as their pledge. This is to ensure the delivery of a letter acknowledging their donation for I.R.S. purposes. On the donation form donors may also indicate their willingness to participate on a Birdathon team as a Team Leader or Team Member, and also if they are willing to be the team’s driver or not.


  1. Pledges may be of two types – either a fixed amount or an amount per species.
  2. Pledges based on an amount per species may be made to a particular Birdathon Team and will be based on that team’s species count or, if the pledge is made to the chapter, the pledge amount will be based on the species count of the team with the most species.

Birdathon Count Period

  1. The Birdathon Count Period (BCP) will begin at noon on Friday, May 3rd, and conclude at 10:00 PM on Sunday, May 12th.
  2. A team’s counting activities may occur during any continuous 24-hour period within the BCP.

Birdathon Count Area (BCA)

  1. The BCA will be limited to all of Larimer and Weld counties

Birdathon Teams

  1. Teams will consist of 2 to 5 members.
  2. Teams should ride in just one vehicle and must be together when counting species.
  3. Team Leaders must register their teams with Birdathon Coordinator Bill Miller (970-493-7693 or ) no later than Friday, April 26th. Use the form Team Registration Form.
  4. Each Team Leader shall fill out a team registration form that will include the (a) Team’s name, (b) all team members including the leader, and (c) the 24-hour count period during which that team will conduct its species count. This allows the Birdathon Coordinator to assign people willing to be team members to an available team.
  5. Since the Birdathon is a fundraiser all team members are strongly encouraged to make their own personal pledge in addition to soliciting pledges from family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

Submitting a Team‘s Species Count

A team’s species count must be submitted in the same species order as shown on the latest version of the chapter’s Birds of Larimer County checklist, which can be printed off at

Fulfilling Birdathon Pledges

  1. Donors may remit their pledge monies either through PayPal (See web site – making donations) or by remitting cash or checks directly to the chapter.
  2. Checks should be made out to "FCAS." and mailed / delivered to:
    Fort Collins Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 271986
    Fort Collins, CO 80527-1968
  3. Team members are responsible for collecting pledges they solicited.

To register a team or to obtain answers to your questions, contact Bill Miller at or at 970-439-7693.